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Welcome to manna

There is something compelling buried in the mythos of manna. There is something very grand and something very ordinary. There are tales of manna falling from heaven, manna in dewdrops nestled in clover leaves, manna in closely guarded honeycombs, manna for the Israelites, but at its most base level it is a tale of survival. manna is for everyone, it is the unadulterated offerings of everything that falls from heaven. It’s all here, everything you need to survive.

American cooking is rooted in survival, it is rugged, it is wild and somehow it is elegant. At manna we use local, regional and American ingredients almost exclusively. We are trying to paint a picture of American food that uses colors that are only born and hued here and the result is often very pure and often stunning. Come see America through our eyes.

“Perfection, as it turns out, is simply doing a lot of little things very well.”

– Marco Pierre White

At manna we try to remember this.

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