manna goes Brazillian

in an effort to continue our pursuit of fabulous culture and cuisine, we are kicking off our “passport” series on Thursdays for the month of August.

The idea is to create nice tapas sized dishes at the bar allowing customers to try several different tastes without putting too much of strain on your billfold. Prices for the dishes range from $5-$12/plate.

Last month we visited some of our favorite restaurants, their chefs and some of their most exciting and noteworthy dishes. We spent some time at The Four Seasons, headed to New Mexico and dined at La Posta, headed further west to see Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse and finished up in Chicago, with the original celebrity chef, Charlie Trotter.

This month we are “relocating” to some remote culinary destinations…the first being Brazil. We’ll create traditional Brazillian staples with a manna influence and local ingredients. These events are a fun time at the bar and they kick off around 7pm.

Will be posting the menu tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug 3…so stay tuned.

Limited seating at the bar, in the lounge and the bar tables…so rsvp at 910.763.5252 or email to hold your space.

thank you for your support. see you soon. wm

“manna does Brazil”

4 August 2011


Moqueca Capixaba          7

slow cooked fish stew with chilies, onion, garlic, cilantro & tomatoes


Feijoada       9

Brazilian national dish: stew of beans pork, beef, cabbage


pão de queijo                   5

cheese buns


Vatapa         9

shrimp with coconut milk, cashews, palm oil, & bread


Brazilian Rice & Beans             5

of course we have to do rice & beans


Fried rum soaked plantains       4

of course we also have to do plaintains


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